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  1. Theme - Customize custom themes
  2. Customizing wmp12
  3. Animated shellstyle
  4. Random Panes
  5. Guide to Changing your Start Orb/Button
  6. User Frame
  7. Control panel - dark background
  8. How to Apply Custom Themes in Windows 7
  9. Guide to Enabling Clear Glass Transparency in Windows 7
  10. Enabling Custom Themes - Windows 7
  11. Change the size of Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails
  12. angel timedate.cpl
  13. Alienware Clock for timedate.cpl Request
  14. Change the blue gradient in windows copy window
  15. TUTORIAL: How to replace a system file
  16. Forward and Back Explorer buttons by Sounddevil13
  17. prevent themes to change icons and cursors
  18. Center icons in taskbar
  19. change copy & move animation colors in windows 7
  20. Animated txt in windows 7 Theme
  21. Adding animation in explorer
  22. Delete your rescache in Windows 7 so it easier to apply mods
  23. Prepacthed windows 7 theme files to enable 3rd party themes
  24. Themes - Customize Information, Settings, and Name
  25. Glass scroll bar resource by ~OctogunSalata
  26. WMP 12 Resources by ~Legacy-Code
  27. Take Ownership tweak and manual take ownership for exe's cpl
  28. My first Timedate cpl.
  29. How to edit images inside your dll,s exe's or cpl files
  30. How to patch your theme files to enable 3rd party themes
  31. How to use theme resource changer
  32. Silver TimeDate and Shellbrd
  33. ExplorerFrame Win7 x64
  34. New Timedate and Shellbrd
  35. Universal Focus Rectangle Remover
  36. explorerframe.dll
  37. shell32 replacement image from serschik
  38. Shell replacement image
  39. How to Auto-Hide or Disable Command Bar (aka Folder Band)
  40. Shell32 Dark Image
  41. How to move Details Pane to top of windows explorer
  42. How to fix Fully Transparent mode
  43. How to change System Properties (Left Bar)
  44. How to Remove Mr GRiM's Themes and 7tsp Packs
  45. How to create res files to be used in 7tsp packs
  46. How to create Full Transparent Windows
  47. How to apply themes that don't have installers
  48. Change recycle bin icon in delete confirmation box
  49. How to apply Animated Explorerframe
  50. Edit Dll images apply icons theme extras video tutorial
  51. How to apply a 7tsp pack video tutorial
  52. How to patch windows 7 to allow 3rd party themes and apply themes video tutorial
  53. How to make a self installing winrar theme
  54. shell32.dll images
  55. Need Help After installing Airlock with Hud Icons
  56. How to install rainmeter skins
  57. 7tsp "can't find pack.7zip/rar" FIX
  58. How to apply skins to various programs
  59. Defualt
  60. How To Move Command Bar / Folder Band To The Bottom Of The Explorer Window
  61. [HELP] How to create Custumized THEMES
  62. Building a theme with Windows Style builder video tutorial
  63. Creating an Aimp Skin with the aimp skinner app video tutorial
  64. What to do with Audio Video icons from packs video tutorial
  65. Move Preview pane to Top and Cmd bar to Bottom Video Tutorial
  66. Ex Frame Request
  67. How to change / replace timedate.cpl file
  68. Change the Windows 7 Boot screen with Boot Updater
  69. Change Windows 7 Logon Screen without 3rd party software
  70. How to Restore Windows Experience index
  71. How to Change Logon Screen Manually
  72. How to create a Fully Transparent Windows
  73. How to change explorer.exe icon
  74. Skip Logon Screen on Windows
  75. can't move caption buttons in vista style builder
  76. colourful themes to your windows 7 applications
  77. How to recolour “Reactor PSD” components
  78. How to convert Theme windows 10 1703 to Win 7
  79. How to fix this error
  80. Taskbar position breaks existing theme.
  81. 7tsp complete system icon pack request
  82. How to patch A Theme To Install.wim..?
  83. Properties menu unreadable (Basic Black Theme, Midnight Glass theme)
  84. How should I edit this Classic Windows theme?