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  1. All Glass Start menu Tutorial
  2. Full Aero Jump List
  3. How To Remove Search Box From Start Menu
  4. DirectUI XML - Notes that you can use.
  5. Disabling text glow in window title? Edit post
  6. How to remove Log-Off buttons and Search Feature(start menu)
  7. Changing The Speeds Of The Progress Bar Overlay
  8. UK.Intel's HEX tutorial traced to VSB.
  9. Different Detail Panes.
  10. Windows 7 Locations ( LIST )
  11. How to make the created theme installable?
  12. SOLVED: Start Menu All Programs text Colours and Font
  13. Log Off flyout menu
  14. Add glow to Start menu Programs list text
  15. Transparent more programs list
  16. here for all the location maps for exploerer i hope it helps
  17. Complete Guide to Theme Building
  18. weird issue with replacing image
  19. address band
  20. Task Manager Issue Please Help
  21. How to change aero highlight in taskbar?
  22. properties window text color
  23. Give the control of the controlpanelpane to msstyles
  24. how to change taskbar font color?
  25. How to remove the search box from the start menu
  26. transparent context menu
  27. Image Locations for Breadcrumbs, Start menu, etc.
  28. Add or Remove Blur from all of the Start Menu
  29. How to change sound icon?
  30. I need some help, please
  31. Taskbar Transparency
  32. (How to) Change Windows Text Colours in the Shellstyle.dll
  33. Alpha Conversion Bug Workaround
  34. Exporting themes from Windows 7 Style Builder
  35. Change all Fonts in WSB easily.
  36. I need a little Help.
  37. change taskbar height, how to?
  38. Please Help me
  39. [How To] Change the Homegroup Background
  40. Please Help Me
  41. I need help with some font issues
  42. i need help to make a custom theme
  43. Need a tutorial to skin window captions, etc accurately
  44. Problem with font and margin (maybe) - Please Help :)
  45. Adding custom glow
  46. Change The Text Colour
  47. Help with Theming Windows Firewall Notification Dialog
  48. I need help with the colors of these areas
  49. Run Fix
  50. Start Menu
  52. I'm new at this, help making start menu transparent using windows 7 style builer 1.5
  53. How can I add picture such as these in any folder at the same place...
  54. Can any windows in windows 7 be made transparent just like it appears at the borders,
  55. Is this start menu transparent?
  56. A Quick Look at Taskbar Editing
  57. Themebuilding, getting started
  58. image file name?
  59. i want change this colour
  60. help with change colour
  61. start menu / all programs/all programs menu*normal static text location*
  62. default windows 7 theme icon win7 64b sp1
  63. [help]about changing location button and image location in start menu
  64. Need help with window explorer font color!
  65. Where is the Alt + Tab image?
  66. Blurred All Glass Menu
  67. Adding images
  68. Start Menu
  69. Frame Images
  70. Main Explorer Folder Background Color
  71. Windows 8 Support?
  72. Please Help Me in explore background image [ folder background image]
  73. when open Style Builder which option to choose when i start a new theme
  74. how to change these colors
  75. Tiny problem with "Open" button, need help!
  76. Explorer Frame Issues - Image Sizing
  77. Windows Frame
  78. Change Explorer Commandbar button font
  79. Need help getting started
  80. Taskbar mouseover texture
  81. Animating buttons & other things in Windows Style Builder
  82. Problem about text display (last charater hidden)
  83. How to add BackgroundShadows
  84. How to add default panel size on windows aero
  85. Need Help Locating A Location For Clock...
  86. Start Menu UserPicture
  87. Font Color Problems
  88. any way to get this guide?
  89. anyone can help me please :)
  90. right and left panel help :)
  91. this my3rd thread pls reply this one pls i really need help
  92. Cannot Resize or Replace image upon Import
  93. Windows style builder not showing the start menu
  94. font color problem (Preview Pane)
  95. Taskband - Group small icons
  96. can't move caption buttons in vista style builder
  97. How can I edit these in a theme?
  98. Help with changing color in details view in explorer
  99. I cannot access VSB guide
  100. Ribbon buttons
  101. one stubborn window caption text - won't change color
  102. How to change date/time selector background color?
  103. How to change the control panel background?
  104. Transparent explorer windows background
  105. Need Help With WSB
  106. explorer command module text
  107. How to change explorer bar color?
  108. Why colors in explorer bar are different from image?
  109. How to change taskbar hover and selected text color?
  110. Customizing Logon Screen with VSB?
  111. Important Tip for Recoloring Themes
  112. Ribbon Skinning Guide
  113. How to change text color in box search when type in it?
  114. How to convert theme 1607 for 1703?
  115. How to convert Windows XP and/or Windows Vista themes to Windows 7?
  116. How can I change these areas?
  117. items view as image!
  118. Which File Do I Open in WSB to Edit it?
  119. How to link .msstyles Images to Windows shell ?
  120. How to embed systm metrics into msstyles ?