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  1. [Howto] Clear The Windows Icon Cache.
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  3. RocketDock silent installer to have theme and icons default
  4. How to Remove Shutdown Button from Windows Vista and 7 Login
  5. How to Remove “Branding Logo” and “Ease of Access” (Accessib
  6. Tutorial: Custom 7 Authui.dll by ~asilaydyingdl
  7. Create your own buttons by ~RajTheeban95
  8. Xwindows Dock Create skin tutorial by ~RajTheeban95
  9. Enable Direct2D & DirectWrite Hardware Accel in Firefox
  10. Improve sync performance in iTunes for Windows
  11. how to reset your photoshop to default settings
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  13. How to run Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 simultaneously in Windows
  14. How to Disable Toolbar Auto-Hide Feature in Full Screen Mode
  15. How to Get Good Old “Statusbar” with Text and Progress Meter
  16. How to Enable Hidden Features (Music, Podcasts, Smart DJ and
  17. How to take full control of Windows 7 Registry keys
  18. Add Copy, Paste and Delete Buttons to Windows 7 Explorer too
  19. How To Delete Windows 7 Product Key From Registry
  20. FIX: DNS Server not responding on Windows 7
  21. Fix: Program exe has stopped working
  22. How to Make a 3D Cube Icon (the easy way)
  23. Add Restore Point create to taskbar
  24. How To Change Command Prompt Text And Background Color In 7
  25. How to Make Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Look-Like Firefox 3.0
  26. How To Set Video File As Taskbar User Picture Tile In Win 7
  27. Get URL Bar and Tab Bar in Same Row like IE9 in Firefox
  28. Repair Corrupted Contacts Cache in WLM 2011: Error Code 8007
  29. Firefox 4.0 about config tweaks
  30. C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners eBook
  31. IExpress 2.0 and its Command Line switches
  32. Add entry with icon to right-click context menu
  33. Add oem info
  35. centering titles
  36. RDM+ ( A Remote Program For Cell Phone To Computer / Laoptop / Notebook)
  37. How to use transparant taskbars
  38. Add-on & Theme Compatibility Tutorial
  39. How To Edit Mozilla Start Page
  40. Advanced Installer Freeware Basic Installer Tutorial
  41. Basic Inno Setup Tutorial
  42. How to tell if Windows 8.1 runs in UEFI mode or in the Legacy BIOS mode
  43. porting themes
  44. Create Windows 10 .iso After July 29th Upgrade
  45. start menu
  46. How to patch system.cpl and shellbrd using 7tsp
  47. iPack Could not read SFX configuration Fix