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  1. Microsoft clarifies MBR rootkit removal advice
  2. RIM responds to critical open letter from unnamed worker
  3. RIM agrees to review company structure
  4. RIM internal warfare goes public
  5. Update: Apple, Microsoft consortium beats Google for Nortel
  6. Texas senator backs H-1B staffing firms
  7. Hacked Fox News twitter: "Obama shot dead" #ObamaDead
  8. Microsoft to retire Office XP, Vista SP1 next week
  9. The iPad: Epic success for users
  10. Deloitte wants software lawsuit kept away from jury
  11. Android's 38% market share keeps it on top
  12. Cisco and HP in "Peaceful Chongqing" China surveillance deal
  13. Facebook fires back at Google+ challenge
  14. Facebook search for awesome fails: Skype video yawnZZZzzz...
  15. CIOs losing control of IT, survey finds
  16. Microsoft plans 22 patches for Windows, Office next week
  17. SAP extends contracts of co-CEOs through mid-2017
  18. ISPs propose P2P "piracy" plan: 6 strikes, and... err... dun
  19. Microsoft beefs up Outlook-to-Hotmail security
  20. OS X Lion to launch next week, say reports
  21. We're doomed: Shocking "Chinese" malware claim by DHS bigwig
  22. Big business in big push for cloud standards
  23. How to Set Up Your Network for PCs and Macs
  24. Ballmer's new chant: Numbers, numbers, numbers
  25. Cisco should cut 5,000 jobs, analyst says
  26. Courts OK Apple group's $4.5B Nortel patent buyout
  27. Microsoft revs dump-XP campaign, says 'time to move on'
  28. Rumor: Apple "iPad 3" to be iPad HD; release date: "soon"
  29. Meet IBM's new $75,000 mainframe
  30. Microsoft patches 'sexy' Bluetooth bug in Vista, Windows 7
  31. Square exec sees mobile bubble
  32. Citrix joins cloud computing fray with Cloud.com purchase
  33. Patch Tuesday fixes critical Bluetooth flaw in Windows 7
  34. EFF fights forced file decryption with Fifth, for Fricosu
  35. QuickPoll: Is Windows Microsoft's biggest strength or a weak
  36. Cisco will be leaner, faster, more attentive, Chambers pledg
  37. Windows 7 business tablets: Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 vs. Motio
  38. Amazon.com Android tablet business apps vs. iPad 3/HD
  39. My iOS love affair
  40. Update: Google Q2 revenue up 32% to $9B-plus
  41. SAP-IBM payroll system woes fouled up nurses' pay
  42. Google has huge Q2, plus Plus vs Facebook fight
  43. MobileGo Manages Your Android Phone from a PC
  44. How to View Any File in Windows
  45. What is Cloud.com worth?
  46. Wall Street Beat: Google stirs market optimism
  47. Adobe buys EchoSign PDF e-signature tech
  48. Acer to boost its smartphone, tablet presence in China
  49. Update: IBM revenues driven by software, systems
  50. Mobile networks near capacity, survey finds
  51. Lion release date: Apple Mac OS X 10.7 shipping this week
  52. Yahoo Q2 revenue drops as display ad business slows
  53. Fulcrum buy could deepen Intel's data-center role
  54. Google+ iPhone app finally at Apple iOS App Store
  55. Update: Intel's Q2 Atom revenue down with netbook demand
  56. State Street cuts IT staffers, shifts work to IBM, Wipro
  57. Lion set free; Apple Mac OS X 10.7 love/hate review
  58. Acer to buy U.S. cloud technology provider iGware
  59. Nokia takes loss as smartphone sales drop by a third
  60. Microsoft patching: Still painful after all these years
  61. Update: AMD revenue drops as CEO search continues
  62. Update: Microsoft records banner sales year
  63. Wow! Microsoft's record financial year beats street
  64. Verizon posts revenue growth on mobile additions
  65. Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings show sector strength
  66. China shuts down fake Apple "Stoers" in Kunming
  67. Oracle gives sneak peek at MySQL 5.6 features
  68. Bob Muglia quits Microsoft for Juniper in cloud coup
  69. China's Baidu revenues gets boost from advertisers
  70. SAP Q2 revenue rises 14%
  71. Intel grooms Andy Bryant to become chairman
  72. Windows Phone 7 Mango update RTM: OTA download release date
  73. SAP co-CEO McDermott talks up HANA, mobility and SaaS
  74. Happy Birthday, MS-DOS -- 30 candles
  75. Nintendo slashing price of 3DS
  76. Alcatel-Lucent returns to profit on small revenue hike
  77. Windows XP PCs breed rootkit infections
  78. Microsoft fixes Mac Office bug in Apple's Lion
  79. iPhone 5 release date rumors #10729: new Apple shiny "soon"
  80. Google wants e-mail in Android suit redacted
  81. Debt reduction deadlock a drag on corporate capital spending
  82. Adobe Flash "killed" by free HTML5 tool, Edge
  83. Windows XP's share falls below 50%
  84. OS X Lion requires Windows 7 for Boot Camp
  85. Rumors: iPhone 5 release date "delayed" one month
  86. Will OS X Lion roar in the enterprise?
  87. White House 'clarifies' H-1B, green card rules to attract in
  88. Google cites Schmidt testimony in Android suit defense
  89. Tweak Your Favorite Tools
  90. Operation Shady RAT smells like Chinese hacking
  91. Microsoft kicks off $250,000 security contest
  92. Google exec attacks 'hostile' patent campaign against Androi
  93. Google in Android patent rage
  94. Microsoft slates 22 patches for Windows, IE next week
  95. Apple tech support satisfaction plummets
  96. FBI vs. Sanford 'Spam-King' Wallace in huge Facebook hack ch
  97. Wi-Drive: Good, but no cigar
  98. Malware turns off Windows' UAC, warns Microsoft
  99. Fury as #AntiSec dumps 10GB of sheriffs' private data
  100. Black Hat: Apple does well, Microsoft better, with enterpris
  101. Windows 7 to crack 40% share by year's end
  102. 2011 London riots cause BlackBerry BBM rethink
  103. Microsoft patches 1990s-era 'Ping of Death'
  104. Booz Allen CEO downplays effect of Anonymous hack
  105. Anonymous to kill Facebook on account of privacy
  106. Wall Street: Tech more valuable than oil
  107. After 30 years, IBM exec says PC going way of vacuum tube, typewriter
  108. Microsoft patches final Pwn2Own IE bug
  109. Cloud CIO: What 'Consumerization of IT' Really Means to CIOs
  110. Wall Street Beat: Tech shares take a wild ride
  111. Pre iPad 3, rivalry hots up; HP TouchPad in tablet price war
  112. Mobile data is easy to crack; sky falling in 3... 2... 1...
  113. CEO Larry Page blogs on why Google's buying Motorola Mobility
  114. Industry group releases spec to test consumer SSD performance
  115. D'oh! BART hacked in censor furor; Anonymous unleash #OpBART
  116. Windows 8 tablet info soon: B8 blog B4 BUILD
  117. Dell desktop, storage revenue drops in Q2
  118. Dell expects Windows 8, Android to boost tablet market
  119. ICANN chief Beckstrom to step down
  120. Hands on: Free Splashtop Remote Desktop
  121. Motorola Mobility buy could boost Google's enterprise push
  122. iPad 3 release date delayed to 2012: Retina display FAIL
  123. Hacked: BART Police personal info (Anonymous #OpBART or not?)
  124. Inspector Gadgets: 13 Windows 7 gadgets for monitoring your PC
  125. Lenovo's net profits nearly double in Q1
  126. WSJ: HP to spin off PC arm
  127. Microsoft confirms app store in Windows 8
  128. HP plans PC spinoff, $10B Autonomy buy
  129. HP kills webOS business, confirms PC spinoff
  130. HP's PC spin-off puts pressure on Microsoft to nail Windows 8
  131. HP lowers financial guidance with webOS shutdown
  132. HP kills tablets, confirms PC spin-off plans
  133. HP to acquire info management software firm Autonomy
  134. Pow! HP's post-PC plan: Purge PCs
  135. HP's Apotheker changes his tune on mobility
  136. HP shift on PCs could boost rivals
  137. HP's PC unit could be a tough sell
  138. HP Or No HP: The PC Lives
  139. HP's $99 TouchPad tablet selling out in retailer fire sale
  140. Google's mobile bet could prove tricky
  141. Partnering with vendors
  142. HP TouchPad sale ignites $99 webOS tablet grab
  143. HP allays fears around PC business uncertainty
  144. Offshoring pioneer GE to hire 1,100 American IT workers
  145. IBM shines in strong Q2 server market
  146. HP's PC division, by the (profit and growth) numbers
  147. Zombie P2P case, RIAA v Thomas-Rasset, rises again
  148. Scary Facebook changes: Privacy facts and FUD
  149. Five Outlook nghtmares (and how to fix them)
  150. Microsoft throws support behind USB 3.0 with Windows 8
  151. Steve Jobs' resignation 'end of an era'
  152. 'Operations guy' Tim Cook gets chance to shine at Apple
  153. HP EliteBook 2560p: Extra-rugged ultraportable
  154. Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert An E-Mail Address
  155. AT&T to return jobs to U.S. if T-Mobile deal is approved
  156. Salesforce.com, Dun & Bradstreet launch Data.com
  157. Wikileaks data leaked; Website denies it, via Twitter
  158. More $99 HP TouchPads for sale; bloggers review
  159. App Creates Mobile Cloud for Android, Windows
  160. Photo could show Nokia's first Mango phone, the Nokia 703
  161. Samsung's U.S. plans for new Galaxy Note and Tab 7.7 remain unclear
  162. IT employment grows, but barely
  163. iPhone 5 lost in bar -- or just a stunt?
  164. Windows Phone 7 "tracks your movements," says lawsuit
  165. 1-in-6 Macs run OS X Lion
  166. Microsoft: Stolen SSL certs can't be used to install malware via Windows Update
  167. Echoing Apple, Microsoft bans Flash from Metro IE10 in Windows 8
  168. 10 best new features of Windows Server 8
  169. Cisco comes out swinging after cutbacks
  170. Intel shows off tablet with upcoming Atom chip
  171. Oracle further commercializes MySQL database
  172. Wall Street Beat: Market rally, tablet excitement lifts IT
  173. Gmail threatens Microsoft in enterprises, says Gartner
  174. Visual tour: Windows 8 goes Metro
  175. Microsoft, Red Hat spar over secure boot-loading tech
  176. Mango update coming to four AT&T phones starting Sept. 27, report says
  177. More LulzSec and Anonymous/PLF "hackers" arrested by FBI
  178. Facebook changes draw ire; New news feed gets few Likes
  179. HP customers seek stability with Whitman
  180. Five outsiders who could lead Hewlett-Packard
  181. AT&T and alternate universes
  182. Groupon COO quits, returns to Google
  183. Amazon Kindle tablet to take on iPad 3 at "$171"
  184. Oracle shows super-fast, IBM-killing SPARC T4
  185. GOP seeks to help high-tech firms with visas
  186. Google buys land to build three data centers in Asia
  187. IBM to lead $4.4 billion chip investment in New York
  188. AMD reduces Q3 revenue projection
  189. Best Buy set to hire 200 IT pros
  190. Google is most-sought employer -- again
  191. Alibaba's CEO interested in buying Yahoo
  192. Sprint's solo LTE plan ignores Clearwire assets
  193. Jobs humanized technology, made the magical common
  194. Facebook acquires start-up friend.ly
  195. Google, Samsung right to delay Nexus Prime, analysts say
  196. Dell as a services company? Maybe, say customers
  197. SAP cuts provision for TomorrowNow litigation, boosting Q3 profit
  198. US companies pushed to disclose cyberattacks
  199. New low-power memory could challenge DDR3
  200. Salesforce.com to 'unlock' SAP's core software for 'social enterprises'
  201. Groupon's China venture posts $46M loss
  202. EMC to put hardware in servers, VMs in storage
  203. IBM's new CEO, Virginia Rometty, has a plan
  204. The IT Jobs Cloud Computing Will Create
  205. Wall Street Beat: IPOs, M&A, chip news stir tech optimism
  206. Deal means more SAP cloud changes
  207. Two IT managers fatally shot by co-worker at Calif. utility
  208. 12 IT Outsourcing Predictions for 2012
  209. Xerox PARC founder Jacob E. Goldman dies
  210. 5 resolutions to change the world in 2012
  211. Wall Street Beat: Tech stocks flat for year
  212. Software whiz Ray Ozzie re-emerges with startup Cocomo
  213. Apple loses bid to block Mac OS X copy protection secrets in clone case
  214. Intel bets big on ultrabooks
  215. Marvell unveils first scalable PCIe NAND flash controller
  216. Hard drive makers Seagate and Western Digital slash warranties
  217. Remains of the Day: Crash course
  218. After Microsoft, what next for CES?
  219. Mobility, video and cloud will drive network revenues up 8.7% in 2012, IDC says
  220. HP takes wraps off 'premium' ultrabook
  221. SOPA fight in 'last rounds,' says senator at CES
  222. Google's Marissa Mayer says more women needed in tech
  223. Google adds virtualization queen Diane Greene to its board
  224. Kundra, first CIO of U.S., joins Salesforce
  225. 4 Consumer Technologies That Could Change Your Enterprise
  226. Google expands revenue but misses forecast
  227. AMD reports Q4 loss on weak graphics sales
  228. Yahoo continued to struggle with online ad sales in Q4
  229. Nokia reports loss, says it sold 1M-plus Windows Phones
  230. NEC to cut 10,000 workers, forecasts $1.3 billion loss in year through March
  231. AT&T posts Q4 loss on breakup fee, benefit plan costs
  232. Nokia reports loss as Windows Phone sales are off to OK start
  233. Wall Street Beat: Tech shines as earnings come in strong
  234. Apple reclaims top brand spot after iPhone 4S launch, Jobs' death
  235. Facebook IPO filing reveals some eye-poppers
  236. 162,000 sign petition on Apple's Chinese factory conditions
  237. Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in plane crash
  238. H-1B workers are better paid, more educated, study finds
  239. Yahoo ousts half its board
  240. FBI reveals 1991 probe of Steve Jobs
  241. New Sony CEO: Hot gadgets aren't enough anymore
  242. DRAM maker Elpida files for bankruptcy
  243. Cisco bounces back
  244. Vatican secret archive opened in EMC-sponsored exhibition
  245. How Cloud Computing Is Forcing IT Evolution
  246. Wall Street Beat: Yelp IPO another sign of hot tech market
  247. Disk storage system sales in Q4 top $8.5B, 6.2 petabytes
  248. Companies can use gamification as a doorway to innovation
  249. China approves conditionally Western Digital's acquisition of Hitachi
  250. Big Bird Tweets: How corporations use social media to gauge public persona