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01-10-2011, 03:23 AM
Most of us use the hide files/folders feature available in Windows to hide confidential files and folders from others. If you are new to this feature, follow our how to show or hide files and folders in Windows 7 guide to learn more about the same.


Find Hidden is a handy application for XP, Vista, and the latest Windows 7 to quickly search for all hidden files and folders stored under a drive or directory.

You can also search for a specific file by selecting the appropriate file extension. Your can further narrow down the search by entering date, minimum and maximum file size, last modified date, and last accessed date.

The search result can also be saved in text format. Use the Application Preferences option to personalize options such as date and time format, font color, and row color of the search tool.

All in all, a handy hidden files search tool for Windows.