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    Shell32 Replacement Images

    I don't know nothing about shell32 and would like some information about it please
    thanks for the advice

    Is it best to leave [632-- 633 -- and 634 as it is and only change the colors of 635... thanks for the advice

    Restorator. shell32.dll it does not regnoize
    SysWow64 it Regonize it and that one works

    I've Added Shell32.dll to Swswow64 and System32 the same file and that works
    is this ok this way or shall I come up with a different solution to shell32.dll

    I Have x64 System32 and SysWOW64, replace both shell32.dll
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    Re: Shell32 Replacement Images

    No you need to change all 4 images and the best way to do it is copy the shell32.dll and paste it on your desktop and the open it in Restorator and replace the images and then save it. Then rename the original .bak and replace it with the one from the desktop, then delete the one from the desktop and do the same with the one in the SysWOW64 folder, then restart.
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