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    Help, Shell32.dll

    I'm going crazy trying to replace my shell32.dll in order to fix the control pannel colors. Everytime I replace the shell32.dll in the system32 and/or sysWOW64 directories my video and audio stops working. What is going on! By the way I'm running windows 7x64, build 7600. It just realy makes me mad when I have a beatiful theme instaled but the control panell frames dont match. Please help, has anyone else had this problem.
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    Re: Help, Shell32.dll

    Update, Ive been using the universal theme pacher x64 to patch my system files in order to apply 3rd party themes and I think this is where the problem is. Before I patched the files and after I changed the shell32.dll in both system32 and sysWOW64, the control panell frames were the correct color (the modified color). After I patched my files using the universal theme patcher the control panell colors returned to their original color (the color I dont want). I'm not sure what this means but i'm going to keep messing with the fiiles to see if anything changes. Again if you have any advice please reply.
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