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Thread: Ghost in the machine? Share

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    Ghost in the machine?

    On a number of occasions now I have edited my system32\shell32.dll resources, saved the new file, gone through a restart and seen absolutely no difference. I have checked that the file in place is the edited version (it is!) but still the old values are being used. So is the system using a phantom shell32 from elsewhere and, if so, how, why and all those other pertinent questions? How do I get Windows to take notice of what I'm doing?

    Win 7 Professional, 32 bit.
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    Re: Ghost in the machine?

    go to "folder options" and make sure that "show hidden files, folders and drives" is "ticked", then Apply, OK.
    now go to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local folder and delete IconCache.db file.
    restart, refresh all icons by right clicking on desktop.... and do that again if folders still not changed.
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