Hy there....
i just bought that game and testet a lil..

heres my result

Singularity Tweaks

what do we need:

-Ati or Nvidia Control Panel


-Open the Reg Editor of your choice.
-Search: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Activision

-There are mostly the same settings as in usual UE3 *.ini


You can play around and test for yourself..
but i would recommend to do this Tweaks:

-MaxAnisotropy to 10 (which will result 16x)
-MaxMultisamples to 4 (doesn't work for me anyway, but

well check that later)
-MaxShadowResolution to 800 (will result in 2048 Kbytes,

some shadows do look better)you can go lower, i have 400,

wich result in 1024 Kbytes, i only have 512 MB VRam.
-Don't set AllowD3D10 to 1, otherwise game won't start.
-To add some additional shadows set

bEnableBranchingPCFShadows to 1
-You can also set AmbientOcclusion to 1, but it doesn't

seem to work.
-also enablehighpolycharts makes them more detailed (just

select add new DWORD 32bit string name it to

"EnableHighPolyChars", select decimal and use 1)
-add the string > "bUseBackgroundLevelStreaming" 1 (just

like in the step above...
-add, like above: "Trilinear" 1

make your settings and close...

How do we Apply SSAA or MSAA?

Go to your Ati or Nvidia Control Panel.
now override AA with your choice..
Select MS or SS AA Mode...


now your good to go...best you dont change anything in

the settings ingame..just go and start playing...

Greetings, ViruS