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    Rebuild Icon Cache v0.7b

    This is my First self-written Programm.
    It deletes the IconCache.db and Restarts the Explorer.
    You must Start it in Administration Mode.
    If You find any Bugs write me a note or leave a comment.
    Edit: Version 0.7b is out!


    :bulletpurple: Will Delete The IconCache
    :bulletpurple: Creates an Backup
    :bulletpurple: Recovery Option

    :bulletpurple: Deletes the Backup

    :bulletpurple: Progressbar
    :bulletpurple: +some bugfixes

    :bulletpurple: fixed a bug
    :bulletpurple: About Box and Links
    :bulletpurple: Enhanced GUI

    :bulletpurple: Added additional killing of the explorer.exe

    :bulletpurple: Deleted the Progressbar
    :bulletpurple: replaced Buttons with icons

    :bulletpurple: new layout

    :bulletpurple: Created a new Container
    :bulletpurple: other icons Used thanks to ~MediaDesign
    :bulletpurple: deleted some no-more-used features

    :bulletpurple: More handier than Version 6
    :bulletpurple: Tooltips
    :bulletpurple: Labels for Icons (only main ones)
    :bulletpurple: New Hover Effect for the icons.

    :bulletpurple: Little changes to the layout

    looking forward for more better Versions and your Ideas!

    Works with Windows 7 32/64bit
    Untested on Windows Vista and XP, but should also work.


    Thanks for so much Comments...
    I have to say some things:

    :bulletblue: The IconCache.db is responsible for the Icons that you exchange.
    That means if You replace an Icon of an shurtcut it wont be changed immediately. You have to delete the iconcach.db for that mannually.

    :bulletblue: I have to give some people here right, who say that you can use CCleaner or such programms.
    BUT, many of those programms aren´t freeware and/or overloaded.
    This is just an help for an simply Job you can also do manually but not so easy.

    :bulletblue: Yeah this programm is a little bit Pointless and you can do all those Jobs mannualy but its my first Application and I only wanted to solve my own personal problems easier.

    :bulletblue: I want you to have an simple, portable, freeware and not overloaded Application for this Progress

    :bulletblue: No the IconCache.db wont be rebuild. It only will be deleted. But the IconCache will be "rebuild". (I say that cause Iconcache deleter sounds like this Application is going to destroy your icon Cache

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