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    silver surfer

    I did this one kind of quickly and if i had more free time i think i could of did a better job i am sorry to all my fans if you are unhappy but,i think it still looks pretty decent! Anyways,silver surfer my latest it another request i got from a member and fan of my work gizmo.89 and his family hope you all like it.Theme includestart Menu User Pic Frame,Startmenu Animation 2
    Startorb (From OTHER VS MENTOR/TEACHER NOFX1994.)My Thanks!
    Task Dock_by_Solo_Dev
    Universal Theme Patcher for 32 & 64 bit systems
    Windows Theme Installer Created by Kishan Full glass.exe by phantommenace2020
    Start Orbz Studio.exe by blizo Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe 5 System Icons by mr.grim thanks mate! 5X Wallpapers collected off net from site Custom cursors "Mecha",those are not create by me my thanks,and full credit to the maker!Also,Those are (Pre-Installed)Custom Fonts. (Install prior to theme installation.) P.S.Please leave a comment good or bad if you like my work or don' either way it's much appreciated also,please report any bugs!And,Please do not link, port, this visual style and post it anywhere without getting my written permission first.
    thanks enjoy,and god bless!!Big thanks!To MR.GRIM


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    Don't know how I missed this one, Awesome theme!!!!
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