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    NetAnimate 1.4


    NetAnimate is a tiny program that monitors and indicates network traffic of your computer. The program runs as a system tray icon and providing a visual indication of network traffic of selected network adapters. Holding the pointer over the tray icon will display the total number of bytes sent and received by your network adapters. Context popup menu of the tray icon allows you to open “Network Connections”, “Network and Sharing center”, “Windows Firewall” windows and the properties of the network adapters. You can select different icon sets for your network adapters to indicate their activity in the system tray. The program does not require any additional libraries and does not make any changes to the system. This program was made for Windows Vista/7/2008. Problems, questions and suggestions you can leave in the comments.

    Version 1.4:
    - fixed: in some cases status/properties window of the network interface did not open in Windows Vista;
    - showing sent/received bytes in separate lines in the tooltip of tray icon;
    - added “Properties” menu item for connected network interfaces;
    - added “Open Windows Firewall” to the tray context menu;
    - added digital signature for executable file and setup file;

    Purpose and features:

    program was made for Windows Vista/7/2008;
    program indicates network activity of selected network interfaces in the system tray, as it was in the previous versions of Windows;
    program has common network interface that can indicate all network interfaces activity in the one tray icon as it is in Windows Vista;
    program can show internet access availability in the system tray for selected network interfaces;
    program shows network interface name, connection speed and sent/received bytes in the tray icon tooltip;
    from the tray icon context popup menu you can open connection status/properties, “Network Connections”, “Network and Sharing center”, “Windows Firewall” and program settings;
    in the program settings windows you can set autorun option, bytes rounding, service packets ignoring, network activity indication and tray icon set for network interfaces;
    it is easy to add own network activity indication icon sets to program, all icons available in the “NetAnimate/IconSets” folder in png format with 16×16 size;

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