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    msstyle problem

    ciao, I'm working on a visual style, I changed a lot of images without problems, but I can not change the context menu. If I change these images, when I change the theme with the one created by me appear the Windows Classic interface. But if I try to edit any other image msstyle works well. This is not the first theme that I do, and I have always changed the image context menu without problems.
    What could be the problem?
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    Re: msstyle problem

    Hi robyroby

    The thing i would make sure of is that the image your replacing is the same size as the one already in there...

    On a second note msstyle are twitchy I have many times encountered your problem say changing the start menu I put new images in there the exact same size and properties and the msstyle wont work u get an error, yet I go to another msstyle and do the same and it works fine.

    It's a weird thing that happens so times and there is no real explination for it it's just the way the msstyles are
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