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Thread: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks Share

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    Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    Hi all

    I spent so much time creating os mods over the years I have collected and made a large amount of register tweaks this pack contains over 300 tweaks seperated into different catagories

    There is all the tweaks listed here plus more so enjoy everyone


    Context Menu tweaks
    Add Administrative Tools
    Add Advanced System Properties
    Add Advanced user accounts
    Add Appearance
    Add Change Cursor
    Add Change Date and Time
    Add Change Regional Settings
    Add Change Screen Saver
    Add Change Sound
    Add Change Theme
    Add Change Wallpaper
    Add Classic System Properties
    Add cmd prompt here
    Add Control Panel Option
    Add Control Panel MY Computer
    Add Copy Contents To Clipboard
    Add Copy File List Clipboard
    Add copy to move to
    Add Desktop Icons Settings
    Add Device Manager My Computer
    Add DPI Scaling
    Add Empty Recycle Bin option
    Add Flip 3D to My Computer
    Add Folder Options
    Add Fonts
    Add God Mode Bottom
    Add God Mode
    Add God Mode Top
    Add Hide File
    Add Hide Folder
    Add Internet Explorer to My Computer
    Add Internet Options
    Add items sending to notepad
    Add Manage Option
    Add MSConfig Option
    Add Network Connections
    Add new CMD file
    Add open any folder in a new window
    Add open with notepad
    Add Power Options
    Add Printers
    Add Programs and Features
    Add Programs Option
    Add Reboot MY Computer
    Add Recycle Bin to My Computer
    Add Register AX files
    Add register unreg for DLL files
    Add OCX register unreg
    Add Registry Editor Option
    Add Registry Editor
    Add Run option
    Add Run to My Computer
    Add Security Center
    Add Services Option
    Add Shutdown MY Computer
    Add System Properties
    Add Task Manager Option
    Add Task Manager
    Add Task Scheduler
    Add the creation of Batch cmd file
    Add Turn Firewall On or Off
    Add Unhide File
    Add Unhide Folder
    Add unknown files Open notepad
    Add User Accounts Classic
    Add User Accounts
    Add Window Colorization
    Add Windows Switch 3D Flip
    Adds LogOff MY Computer
    Remove Administrative Tools
    Remove Appearance
    Remove Change Cursor
    Remove Change date time
    Remove Change Regional Settings
    Remove Change Screen Saver
    Remove Change Sound
    Remove Change Theme
    Remove Change Wallpaper
    Remove Control Panel Option
    Remove Copy Contents To Clipboard
    Remove Default Programs on Start Menu
    Remove Desktop Icons Settings
    Remove Device Manager Option
    Remove Devices and Printers on Start Menu
    Remove DPI Scaling
    Remove File List Clipboard
    Remove Folder Options
    Remove Fonts
    Remove Games on Start Menu
    Remove god mode
    Remove Help and Support on Start Menu
    Remove Internet Options
    Remove Libraries Icon from Explorer Only
    Remove MSConfig Option
    Remove Network Connections
    Remove Open With Notepad
    Remove Power Options
    Remove Printers
    Remove Programs and Features
    Remove Programs Option
    Remove Recent Items from Start Menu
    Remove Registry Editor Option
    Remove Run option
    Remove Security Center
    Remove Services Option
    Remove Shortcut Suffix
    Remove System Properties
    Remove Task Manager Option
    Remove Task Scheduler
    Remove Turn Firewall On Off
    Remove User Accounts Classic
    Remove User Accounts
    Remove Window Colorization
    Disable Functions
    Disable Action Center
    Disable Administrative Shares
    Disable Auto Play
    Disable automatic reboot BSOD
    Disable automatic updates
    Disable Autorun for All Drives
    Disable Default Hidden Shares
    Disable DEP
    Disable Flip 3d
    Disable grouping of system tray icons
    Disable Hibernate
    Disable IPv6 speed up Internet
    Disable IRQ8 Priority
    Disable kernel paging Optimize Core System
    Disable Last Access
    Disable Libraries
    Disable Microsoft error reporting
    Disable screensavers
    Disable Shortcut to
    Disable Super Hidden Folders
    Disable Taskbar Pinned Programs
    Disable NTFS Last Access Time Stamp
    Disable Recent Programs
    Disable Tool Tips
    Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links
    Disable UAC notify
    Disable User Account Control UAC
    Disable window animations min max
    Disable Windows Defender startup
    Disable Windows Mail splash screen
    Disable Media Player AutoUpdates
    Disables Preview of Movie file formats
    Disabling Aero Shake
    Turn Off Thumbnail Live Previews
    Uninstall Taskbar Jumplist
    Uninstall VirusTotal Uploader
    Enable Functions
    Enable Aero Shake
    Enable Cleartype
    Enable DEP
    Enable Dreamscene
    Enable DVD Media Player Yes
    Enable Flip 3d
    Enable Glass Effect without supp card
    Enable IPv6
    Enable Last Access
    Enable Microsoft error reporting
    Enable MP3 Encoding
    Enable Shortcut to
    Enable slow motion effects 3dflip
    Enable Status Bar in all windows
    Enable Status bar in Notepad
    Enable Teredo
    Enable Thumbnail Cache
    Enable Tools Folder Options
    Enable VirusTotal Uploader
    Enable Windows Key Hotkeys
    Libraries Restore Default Settings
    Restore Default Autorun Function
    Restore the Language bar
    Enable Thumbnail Live Previews
    VHDMount con and discon VHD drives
    Misc Tweaks
    Admin protected action Succeed
    Aero Controller disable Aero interface
    Aero PowerShell Window Glass
    Allow rename remove of Recycle Bin
    Allows instal PlexTools Upgrade as full
    Auto Restart Shell fixes conductor on error
    Cache more Icons
    Clear Hide Inactive Icon History
    CMD Prompt Window Glass
    Default Value Aero Peek
    Disable Fix for games
    Disable Thumbnail Cache
    Dont allow turn off Network Adapters
    Dont mark new applications
    Dont save encrypted pages to disk
    Dont Use large icons on Start Menu
    Enable addition Avalon effects
    Keep positive entries in DNS Cache 4 hrs
    Game Fix install games require SP1 SP2 or SP3
    Permission to modify and all
    Hover window select
    Logon Screen Text Default
    Logon Screen Text no shadow
    Logon Screen Text shadow
    Make text white in cmd windows
    Make reg with Microsoft unnecessary
    Notepad saves window position
    Open folders in New Window
    Open HTA files with MSHTA.EXE
    Open NFO files with notepad
    Remove obsolete elements system tray
    Control Panel Classic View small icons
    Show all hidden devices in device manager
    Show detailed settings in device manager
    Show Encryption Commands
    Show hidden files and folders
    Show Protected os folders
    Show the full path in min windows
    Show Windows classic folders
    Show file extensions
    Stop caching negative responses
    Stop start aero
    Take Ownership with icon
    Take ownership
    Taskbar Jumplist
    turn off start menu baloon tips
    Turn off system beeps
    Type Long File Names In DOS
    Underline letters on right click
    Uninstall Aero PowerShell Glass
    Uninstall Auto Restart Shell
    Uninstall CMD prompt Glass
    Universal take Ownership
    Unlock the taskbar
    Window Switcher
    Windows tell it is doing shutdown or boot
    Disable or Manual Services
    Disable Adaptive Brightness service
    Disable Application Management service
    Disable Bluetooth Support Service
    Disable Branch Cache service
    Disable Certificate Propagation service
    Disable Connect Config Registrar Service
    Disable Disk Defragmenter service
    Disable Encrypting File System service
    Disable file association web service
    Disable Function Discovery Provider Host
    Disable Function Discovery Resource
    Disable Health Key and Certificate
    Disable Home Group Listener service
    Disable Home Group Provider service
    Disable Human Interface Device Access service
    Disable Interactive Services Detection
    Disable Internet Connection Sharing
    Disable IP helper service
    Disable Link Layer Topology Discovery
    Disable Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
    Disable Net logon service
    Disable Network Access Protection Agent
    Disable Offline Files service
    Disable Parental Controls service
    Disable Peer Name Resolution Protocol
    Disable Peer Networking Grouping
    Disable Peer Networking Identity Manager
    Disable PnPX IP Bus Enumerator service
    Disable PNRP Machine Name Publication
    Disable Portable Device Enumerator
    Disable Problem Reports and Solutions
    Disable Program Compatibility Assistant
    Disable Quality Audio Video Experience
    Disable Remote Desktop Service
    Disable Remote Procedure Call Locator
    Disable Remote Registry Service
    Disable Remote UserMode Port Redirector
    Disable Routing and Remote Access
    Disable Smart Card Removal Policy
    Disable Smart Card Service
    Disable SNMP Trap Service
    Disable Tablet PC Input Service
    Disable TPM Base Service
    Disable Web Client Service
    Disable Web Services
    Disable Windows Biometric
    Disable Windows Defender
    Disable Windows Error Reporting
    Disable Windows Remote Management
    Disable WinHTTP Web Proxy Service
    Disable WWAN AutoConfig Service
    Manual ActiveX Installer
    Manual Application Experience
    Manual Application Information
    Manual CNG Key Isolation
    Manual COM System Application
    Manual Computer Browser service
    Manual Distributed Transaction Coord
    Manual Function Discovery Provider Host
    Manual HomeGroup Listener
    Manual HomeGroup Provider
    Manual NET Framework NGEN 32
    Manual NET Framework NGEN 64
    Manual Network Connections
    Manual Network List Service
    Manual Peer Name Resolution Protocol
    Manual Peer Networking Grouping
    Manual Peer Networking Identity Manager
    Manual Protected Storage
    Manual SPP Notification Service
    Manual SSDP Discovery
    Manual Volume Shadow Copy
    Speed Up Tweaks
    500ms Delay Aero Peek
    Accelerate Down and Upload
    Boot Optimize Optimize system files
    Default Scandisk
    Default Windows hover
    Desktop and Shutdown speed up
    Disable Large System Cache
    Disable Paging Excutive
    Disable Teredo speed up Internet
    Disable Up and Download
    Dr. Watson Disable Frees system resources
    Enable DR Watson
    Enable Paging Excutive
    Increase Network Throughput
    Increase RPC Packet Size
    IRQ8 Priority increases the speed of the system
    Kill hung services after 5 seconds
    Large System Cache
    max simultaneous downloads for IE to 20
    Mouse Hover Time 20
    Mouse Hover Time 50
    restore mouse hover time to default
    Scandisk change to 5 seconds from 10 seconds default
    Speed up shell response
    Speed up Access to AVI Media Files
    Uninstall Boot Optimize
    Universal Tcpip Patch X64 and x86

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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    damn this is a great list of stuff thanks
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    A few tweaks there mate!
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    that's an big bad-package^^

    love it!
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    great packet that do they all work on windows 7

    i know the eject cd ' tweak wouldnt work for the context menu

    apart from that tho top pack this thanx man
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    Wow It's the complete package.
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    Looks really good tucker, will have a look at these when i got some spare time for it seems that a few of them could be quite useful

    Quote Originally Posted by lefty1981 View Post
    that's an big bad-package^^

    love it!
    That's what she said
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    Re: Windows 7 registry Tweaks collection over 300 tweaks

    Oh, thanks, my boss!
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