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    Quick Restore Point Maker

    We are pleased to release Quick Restore Point Maker, a smart 1-click freeware app for creating a System Restore Point in Windows 7 & Vista.

    UPDATE 4th Sept 2010: Customizable Quick Restore Point Maker has got a new UI with some changes. A setup file is also available which adds Create System Restore Point to your right click context menu. Details below!

    Normally, to create a system restore point, you have to, via the Control Panel, open the System Protection box and then open the System Restore utility (rstrui.exe) to create a restore point.

    Quick Restore Maker allows you to create one in a single click. The restore point so generated is named as ‘QuickRestoreMaker Generated‘ point.

    Simply download and extract the content on the zip file and place the program folder in your Program Files folder and the shortcut of its exe file to your Start Menu.

    Now anytime you are trying out a new software or are tweaking your system, click on the icon to create a restore point first.

    comes with rocketdock icon ' maybe some 1 could make a cool icon [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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