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    Favorite Backup 1.1 by ~heilnizar

    ------------------------- Features -------------------------

    -Backup and restore explorer favorites/links.
    -Saves items order.
    -Create different profiles.
    -Add separator.
    -Clean up favorites.
    -Assign empty icons to favorites items.
    -No need for installation.

    ------------------------- Change-log -------------------------

    (Ver. 1.1 - 26.10.2010):
    -Fixed bug for paths that include spaces.
    -Fixed bug on restoring while no profile is selected.
    -Code cleanup and some minor changes.

    ------------------------- Remarks -------------------------

    -On first run it will automatically create new folder in its Dir that includes resources, and will backup current profile.
    -Free for personal use unless you are from Israel.
    -Windows 7 only, it might work on vista though.

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