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    Purple and Black

    Purple and Black i been doing this theme on and off since the 11th of last month finally got it done i made this vs for my daughter and for virtual customs lady members so here you go Ms.Grim and Raven-jett and Hellcat and Moonnique i hope you like it Moving Along...Now What's included: Theme resource changer thanks to" RAZORSEDGE", for teaching me how to use it
    Shell32 Replacement Images
    Start Menu User Pic Frame {MR.GRIM}My Thanks!
    Startmenu Animation 2
    Startorb ONE BY ME!Other(From OTHER VS MENTOR/TEACHER NOFX1994.)My Thanks!
    Task Dock_by_Solo_Dev
    Universal Theme Patcher for 32 & 64 bit systems
    Windows Theme Installer Created by Kishan Black Glass Enhanced v0.5
    Copyright(c) 2010
    All Rights Reserved Maybe..
    Start Orbz Studio.exe by blizo Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe 5 System Icons found on net can't recall where sorry but if there yours and you want me to add you to credits or remove those just send me a private note and i will do as you request! 12 X Wallpapers collected off net from site thanks to all creators and full credit for each and every wallpaper i used and if you don't like i included your wall in my theme please..note me and i will remove it or add you to credits it's up to you! cursors converted and recolor by mauam Daz

    I also,like to say a special thanks!And,some Credits To MR.GRIM and TIMMYMOFO and NOFX1994


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    Stunning, great choice of colours, thanx for the share!
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