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    Logon Screen Rotator

    Logon Screen Rotator

    Logon Screen Rotator lets you add as many as images you like of any size and resolution. If the image size is not less than 256 KB (this is the max allowed size for windows 7 logon background image) the image will be resized automatically. Another advantage is that it lets you add as many as images folders as well.

    User can also choose when the logon screen should be changed from the available three options: Every logon, Every day, Every (specified) hour. With these options Windows 7 logon screen rotator outperforms other logon changers.

    If you wish, you can easily revert to the default logon screen by using revert to default Windows logon screen option under Settings tab. The Logon Screen Rotator is a standalone (no need to install)

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