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    Vista Glazz

    Windows users who have switched from Vista to Windows 7 probably know about Vista Glazz tool as it was one of the best tools available to use third-party themes in Vista. The current version of Vista Glazz supports Windows 7 as well.

    With Vista Glazz, one can make their Windows 7 system ready for third-party visual styles. Although there are several free tools available to do the same job, Vista Glazz stands out because of its simplicity.

    The best thing about this tool is that it even displays the statues of Windows 7 DLL files so that you can see if your system is ready for third-party themes or not. Click on the first icon to see the status of your system DLL files. If you can see "Your system files are in their original state" message, use the lower right button to enable third-party themes support.

    Vista Glazz available for Windows 7

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