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    Wallcast is a freeware application that transforms your desktop wallpaper into a dynamic collage of photos from you, your family and your friends. It periodically updates your wallpaper with a mix of pictures uploaded online, with the Wallcast iPhone app or via email.

    To start using this service, you have to register with your email ID.

    You will be immediately allowed to create your own wallpaper. Select the background theme and upload 5 photographs from your computer.

    If you wish to add names and email IDs of your friends, you can do so. If you exercise this option, they will be able to directly mail their photographs to Wallcast, which in turn will get dynamically displayed on your desktop!

    All this is done without privacy concerns: All uploaded pictures remain private, and only people you invite can send you new ones.

    Once you have created your wallpaper, you will be given a Wallpaper Code. Save it! You will need it later.

    Next download the small application and install it on your computer. Enter the Wallpaper Code.

    You will see the collage displayed on your desktop

    Now anytime anyone of your friends simply attached and mails a photograph to a particular personalized email id, it will get dynamically displayed on your desktop!

    In short, Wallcast also allows your friends to send their pictures to your wallpaper, directly!

    All this may look like a bit of a trouble to go through, but if you have friends and families, who you’d like to be in touch with by sharing photo’s, what better way than to have their photos displayed on your desktop and your photos displayed on their desktops!
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