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Thread: Zero-G IM Skin Share

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    Zero-G IM Skin

    Just though I would post some screens and updates for my Zero-G msn skin, I have talked to Willz who is the original designer of Zero-G and asked if it was OK to post my version of the skin and he said I could share it but only with friends and a small group, he is currently updating all his skins for 2011 messenger and would a chance to release his version before I release mine, he also checked out my Zero-G windows theme and said we could have that as the official theme to compliment the MSN skin (he didn't say it but I think he was impressed ).

    Anyway I have never done a skin for messenger and didn't know what I was getting myself into , I wish there was a program like WSB for messenger because there are so many images and it's very hard to know what is being used where, plus all the coding involved with setting up new custom images and adjusting sizing margins and padding, not to mention just changing a simple text colour can take hours to find the bit of code for the one you want to change.

    But don't let that put you off if you want to try your own skin, there are lots of guides on the Plus! site with documentation and depending on how far you want to go skinning can be fairly easy to do.

    Here's a few screens of mine so far anyway, there are 2 versions, one with a white contacts list and one with a black contacts list.

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    Re: Zero-G IM Skin

    very looks good skin, good work Mark
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