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Thread: 7tsp Problem please help! Share

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    7tsp Problem please help!

    Hi I hope someone can help me, I have downloaded 7tsp for both my laptop and desktop, both are pretty much the same with the exception of the laptop is newer and has windows 7 home prem, where as the desktop is 2 years and has windows 7 prof both are 64bit. my problem is that the laptop installed 7tsp and ran it fine everything works and now my laptop looks fantastic, thankyou. however my desktop is a different story 7tsp installed correctly but when I add any file it says "error could not find pack.ini" I know for a fact it is there I looked and even tested the file on my laptop and it worked but yet again not the desktop I have even tried repositioning the file but with no success. could anyone please help me? thankyou for your time. Tidus
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    Re: 7tsp Problem please help!

    you may want to pm fixit since he is the maker of 7 tsp he may have more help for you
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