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    A Thin White Line

    This is my first theme made for use with Black Glass Enhanced
    It's fairly simple & minimal.I have included a version that is less minimal also( has start orb,address bar,etc.)
    If you see it in the preview it's either included in with the theme or there's a link to it.
    If I forgot something let me know!
    The icons in the preview are Reverse & AlphaR11 has made an install pack

    Attachment 42538

    Attachment 42541

    Attachment 42539

    Attachment 42540

    Xiandi has also made a matching Winstep Xtreme theme

    July 1\2012
    I have updated the theme to fix a couple of bugs plus I added my updated shellstyle that gives you a transparent preview window
    I also added my glass scrollbar fix that fixes the disorted scrollbar in Chrome and some other programs
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    Is there nyway I can get a Full Glass timedate.cpl to use with the Windows 8\8.1\8.1.1 version of this theme? (possibly one with a square clock instead of a round one] It would be really cool if someone can make one for me [or link me to one if one already exists].

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