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Thread: FREE!! HUD Premium Windows 7 Theme Share

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    FREE!! HUD Premium Windows 7 Theme




    This is my new Premium Theme for Windows 7 and also my entry for the VC comp Clash of the Titans IV

    It's been another great comp at VC and we have had some fresh new talent as well this time round and they have been showing amazing stuff and with some being their first ever themes I am expecting great themes to come in the future.

    Check out the Comp here to join in the fun and look at the upcoming themes

    Every effort was made to make sure every part of this theme is fully usable and has been extensively tested to make sure you are getting the best product possible.

    If you are not satisfied or find a problem that needs fixing please let me know and I will do my best to fix your problem.

    The theme comes in 2 parts, you can purchase just the theme from the VC Shop, which comes with an easy to use installer that also includes a new logon screen and Theme Resource Changer to change the Start Button, Explorer navigation buttons and Control Panel Navigation panes.

    The second part of the theme is posted here for free download and will require 7tsp to install, the second part of the theme includes all the icons, windows media player skin, Task Manager mod and many other changes.

    The HUD theme extras can be installed or uninstalled using 7tsp found here

    For a Tutorial on how to use 7tsp have a look here


    There are 4 styles to chose from, 2 for the bottom details pane position (default) and 2 for the top details pane position, there is an aero and a basic style for both, The basic styles are also fully skinned and worth taking a look at and some people may even prefer it.

    HUD Basic Theme
    HUD Topshell Theme
    HUD Topshell Basic Theme
    HUD Icons
    HUD Icons
    System Clock
    Shell32 Control panel images
    MAX Glass Cursors
    HUD Sound Scheme
    System Properties Logo
    Getting Started top Pane
    Games Menu Preview Pane
    New WEI index images with square borders
    wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod
    New Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and Vibrocentric
    Theme Resource Changer
    And much more!!

    I would also like to add a big thanks to submicron
    for his permission to include one of his latest walls Module -Abyss Lapis-

    Download The HUD Premium Themes



    Download FREE 7tsp icons and extras


    (Please ensure you have restored all your system files before installing the new one and although 7tsp does create a restore point it's still probably best to manually create one yourself beforehand.)

    I would like to say a huge thanks to Lefty and Gor17981 for making some great matching extras, please don't forget to give them some thanks and rep for their amazing contributions

    These are the extras Gor17981 has made for Nexus Dock

    AIMP Skins

    Object Dock Zoomers and Tabs

    And from Lefty

    Rocketdock skins
    Desktop Gadgets

    When using the 7tsp installer with the theme extras it will not replace any system files, it will only add the modifications to your existing files and at the same time make backups of your files, so if you do have some mods already it should not effect those, unless one of the mods you have is one of the things listed above.

    Theme Installs and the Theme Pack Extras were tested on my x86 VM and my main x64 Windows 7 Ultimate machine and both installed without any problems.

    Very Important!!!

    You must enable the use of custom themes by either patching your system with Universal Theme Patcher or use UxStyle Core which runs as a service, either way will have the same result but UxStyle Core does not change any system files and is also update proof.

    Universal Theme Patcher

    UxStyle Core

    If you install the 7tsp theme extras and find you have lost your sound or if you are using a Creative Sound Card you will need to use Restore on 7tsp and then remove the pack from 7tsp, then open the 7-zip archive and in the resource folder you will see shell32.dll.res, you need to delete that file and then repack the theme pack using 7-Zip again, then load it into 7tsp again and reinstall it.

    For some reason Creative sound cards do not like any changes to the shell32.dll and there is no way to get around that, the only thing that you will miss out on will be a few icons and the copy delete animation mod, nothing major and you will still have a great experience without them.
    License Agreement: This content is protected by DMCA. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act Protection Services)

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    Please do not PM me to ask for support - please use the relevant thread or forum.
    Please Post in English or at least include English Translations
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    Nice Theme , new to this forum xD
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    getting this error when installing it
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroWolf View Post
    getting this error when installing it
    if you have this problem,then you can install theme manually
    just unzip HUD.exe file with 7zip and copy HUD theme files manually to theme directory

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    I must say, I'm at awe of everything you guys do here... this is beautiful!
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