Hi people.

Im now wanting t sit on Ps5 and design myself my first Start menu. Ive been fiddling with windows stlye maker andhave looked at the locations of the start menu stuff but am still a little un-clear. Ive noticed that some start menus are broke up into different pics and sizes etc. I have a idea on how i want my start menu to look like but no idea how i set it up to all work together?

What size should start menu's be ( in pixels ) and what things do i need to know to be able to get this right. Im a comeplete novice to this so all comments welcome.

I did have a mess about yestuerday and mnged to change the background colours and texts font and colours etc in explorer. Even got my start menu to change but all i did was put the full size imiage in the panels boxes so it didnt sit right at all.

ANy help would be most appreciated as i love the idea of designing my own desktop theme