Hi, im trying to design my first theme. Ive never done it before and fininding it very hard to even get started.

I know theres a tutorial for it, but to a noob, its just a list of where certain things are. So a bit confusing for someone new to the thing.

I tried using the stlye builder program, and had a go at changing text colours etc. but nothing will save for me, says i got a dll file missing.

Thing is there isnt ( not that i can see anyway ) anywhere that explains what you have to do in style builder exactly. Do you have to open a theme in the program first to edit it? I tried loading the aero theme then changing things on that. But wouldnt save. also told me i dont have permission.

The tutorial everyone normally points you to is all well and good if you know how to use the program . I have no idea how to do it.

Can anyone explain to me in laymans terms just how to start using this program at all please.