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well I have no idea why it didn't restore the original files but if your on a x64 OS did you check both files, the one in the system32 folder as well as the SysWOW64 folder? to check the files in the system32 folder you will need to copy it and paste it on your desktop, otherwise it will actually only look at the one in sysWOW64
I didn't understand what you meant about pasting the sys32 to the desktop, but I tried what I thought you meant and I see it now. It only shows the mod if it's on the desktop. That is strange. The same one in the syswow folder is still default or does it change too when you open it on the desktop? How do I change 632 or 633 on a win7 x64 machine using restorator or resource hacker? I can't find a simple tutorial on those anywhere.