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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimbi View Post
    i hope it's ok. i need to request someone to make a cursor set though. i just realised Mefhisto hasn't made a post on DA since 2008. It appears I'm hard pressed to get a response from him for the cursors currently in it. Would you be willing to give it a try shem?
    personally use them then 9 years since mefhisto's last post make his work fair game. people can disagree but that is their problem. grim i'm pretty sure as art work that is drawn and not a actual picture google ads like most of those services shouldn't have a problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr GRiM View Post
    Sorry mate no nudity on the site, I already deleted the post you made in the desktop thread, I thought you would have seen the message I left you then.
    Strange... it's not showing as deleted on my end... even the likes showing up for it still link to it..... i think there might be a problem with the sites functions.... but ok... i won't post that one here...


    I went ahead and deleted it myself...
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