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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerVog View Post
    I dont use Dreamweaver tho I own it from when I was in college, I got a discount and only paid $199 for it and the cs3 suite and then for 45 I was able to upgrade later to the cs4 suite.
    Whats wrong with Dreamweaver i use it all the time its a great and very powerful tool i use notepad++ also.

    I have tried pritty much all the open-source freeware none of them cam close to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver gets a bad name because of how advanced it is its functionality is overkill and most people can't understand how to use it hence why the trend towards instant builder apps.

    eclipse is probably the next best to Dreamweaver probably more noob friendly. i have been using Dreamweaver since CS4 and im running cs6 and still learning.
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    I code everything from scratch. If Im working with a graphics template I create the template in cs4 then save for web and then code the rest myself.

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    how to build great template website in blogger
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