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    7tsp Icon Packs For Windows 7

    7tsp Icon Packs for Windows 7.

    To install the Icon Packs you will need to download the 7tsp installer found here

    For a guide on how to use 7stp go here

    Glossy Blue Icon Pack

    Glossy Blue Download links:

    Black Glass Icon Pack

    Black Glass Download links:

    Black & Gold Glass Icon Pack

    Black & Gold Download Links

    Ultimate Blue Icon Pack

    Ultimate Blue Download Links:

    Ultimate Black & Gold Icon Packs

    Ultimate Black & Gold Download Links

    Ultimate Red Icon Packs

    Ultimate Red Download Links

    Ultimate Pink Icon Packs

    Ultimate Pink Download Links

    Ultimate Green Icon Packs

    Ultimate Green Download Links

    Ultimate Purple Icon Packs

    Ultimate Purple Download Links

    Ultimate Orange Icon Packs

    Ultimate Orange Download Links

    Full Glass Red Icon Packs

    Full Glass Red Download links

    Full Glass Blue Icon Packs

    Full Glass Blue Download Links

    Full Glass Green Icon Packs

    Full Glass Green Download Links

    Full Glass Purple Icon Packs

    Full Glass Purple Download Links

    Full Glass Orange Icon Packs

    Full Glass Orange Download Links

    Important!!! if you have installed the icons and you have lost your sound then you will need to restore the shell32.dll in the system32 folder using the restore options on 7tsp to restore a single file, if you are using a creative sound card then this will be the case as they look at the shell32.dll as being unsigned and it will not function.

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    The Download Link for the 7tsp installer is not working, is it possible to re Upload the Installer that I can install your Icons...

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