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    Here is the first color in the new Gray8 light series!
    I thought some of you might like to try it out.

    I will be adding more colors and extras like new clock and wmp12 skin
    in the final version but for now this here is the blue highlight version.
    I would like to add 3 more colors and am open to suggestions!

    A bunch of Apps from WinAero can be used with this theme
    They include
    Ribbon Disabler

    Your system must be patched to use 3rd party themes
    and if you already have my shell32.dll installed your control panel images
    will change color.There will be a Shell32.dll included in the final release!

    The Rainmeter skin in the preview is Glasses by VClouds
    and the icons are Token by brsev
    The wallpaper was originally made by Vigoni

    Gray8 Light-blue
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    Cool,thanks on another color.
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