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    Ultimate Clean 8 updated

    I had a request to add caption buttons back into this theme
    so I took the opportunity to do a few more updates.
    The Ribbon background is now black and I added a skull to the
    Explorer background.For this to show up you will have to use the
    included ExplorerFrame.dll's(64 bit only).These have been test on several
    installs but Windows 8 can be a bit finicky when changing system files
    so make sure you have a backup BEFORE trying to change them.
    Just in case something goes wrong.Also if you use Ribbon Disabler you will need to

    re-enable the ribbon before changing the ExplorerFrame.dll's.You can disable it again
    after you change them and have restarted your system.

    The other new option is Ultimate Clean High Contrast mode.
    If you were a dark theme user on Windows 7 you will already know that sometime you
    will encounter black text on black backgrounds.
    Switching to the high contrast mode seem to fix this.If you have this set up properly
    you will be able to quickly switch between normal high contrast mode with a keyboard shortcut
    Instructions on this are included.The high contrast theme is very usable on it's own,the main difference
    is the Start Page is black with no image,you don't need to change the shell32.dll to have black control panel images
    and some programs will have basic buttons and scrollbars.

    I have stopped including the shell32.dll's in the theme download.
    The reason for this is because Microsoft has been updating it monthly,so I
    think it is easy just to provide a link to my current version instead of having
    to update all my themes monthly
    So here is the link to the newest version I have-1654748(64 bit only)

    Ultimate Clean version 2

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    nice... i want try it now... thanks

    Welcome to Virtual Customs

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    aesome theme fantastic work thank you Greg

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    Thanks Greg. Outstanding theme. My fav on Win 8.. Kudos!
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