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    Ok.I have went to check out your site.It's a good start.There are only ah couple of minor things that i can see.
    1.The horizontal scrolling.Try using ah different resolution like the more basic 1024x.etc
    2.The color scheme is ah bit dark for this type of site.As Harvey said,maybe ah lighter theme.I personally would go with any eggshell colors.examp (light blue,pale or light yellow,white..etc) Lighter colors make for ah more relaxing,calming place to be
    That's it for now Everything else seems to be looking good for just starting your first site.Build and make changes as yah go.Getting input,feedback,suggestions from others is always ah good idea.As people enter the site,welcome them,ask them for suggestions or what they feel would make the site more enjoyable to be in.Soon it wont be just you building the site,but ah whole community of friends and family together
    Good luck! can't wait to see it when it is finished.

    P.S...Maybe it would be ah good idea to put a "Suggestions" box or something to that effect on the left hand side under the "Home"..etc.That way you get input from the people as they enter the site.This is ah good way of building it as ah community together
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    Thx XxHackThisxX. I think because of who we are at this church, the dark theme is cool, however I am thinking about a grey like what we have here at VC, it is nice and easy on the eyes. I am using google sites, to build the site, it has its limits. I will P.M. those of you that gave input, for more insight. A BIG THANKS TO ALL THAT TOOK THE TIME TOO CHECK THE SITE OUT, AND GAVE FEED BACK.
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