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Thread: Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9841) Is Now Available For Download! Share

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    Well, tried setting it up as Windows 8. Got the exact same message as my other attempts. It keeps telling me the Media Driver needed for the installation can't be found. I have no idea what's going on. I'm on a 64-bit Windows 8.1.1 comp and am trying to get the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 Tech Preview to work through the free version of VMware Player. Hopefully I get this problem fixed soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONE MAN ARMY View Post
    Well with help from Grim here is my setup at the moment on windows 10.
    i want one too . very nice OMA. i friggin love that theme

    Quote Originally Posted by The Nude Dude View Post
    ..... i would of rather seen a image of justin bieber's anus.
    are you sure about that?
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    I've been playing with it for a couple of days now in VM Player, understanding that this is just
    a technical preview I am really not that impressed, it's really just Windows 8.1.1 with a few more bells
    and whistles and asthectics.
    They could have upgraded 8.1 to this point with a service pack and seeing as how they skipped 9 and went
    straight to 10 they could have designed a far better OS, IF MS was REALLY looking to distance themselves from 8 or 8.1.

    Windows 10 likes:
    1.) The start menu is highly customizable or you can disable it completely.
    2.) The feature to add desktops without the need for 3rd party software.

    1.) Search, there really is no need for it on both the start menu and taskbar.
    2.) A fugly This PC icon.

    As far as installing this permanently, I'm not going to at this point, I'll keep it in VM Player.
    Honestly, other than the desktops feature there really is no point, I have everything else on 8.1.1.

    Microsoft is really losing touch because I really have not been "Wowed!" since Windows 7, their OS's
    are becoming more bland and very uninteresting. Has anyone seen the new "My PC" icon on Windows 10? looks like my kid
    designed it.

    When the time comes I may dual boot it with 8.1, that depends on pricing though, If this is what it's going to be , I'm certainly not going to pay for what I already have.
    Right now, as far as I am concerned, 10 is nothing more than what 8.1 should be ..... at best, and I am not going to shell more money out to MS in order to get what I should have gotten in the first place with 8 or 8.1.
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    ^^which is probably the reason MS are "giving" Windows 10 away ... (if rumors are to be believed)

    When you think about it (looking at their presentation) the main points they were trying to get across were Enterprise customers = more $$$ for MS and their insistent push for their apps store, and getting Windows 7 users to switch, which too (when you look at it) means they have them one step closer to their apps store.

    I'm starting to believe this whole building from the ground up, we're listening to you blah blah blah is absolute garbage. Microsoft took a massive punt on Windows 8 and it backfired. They don't care about the end user, and they certainly do not care about their desktop customer base. Instead of being innovative and cutting edge, carving their own niche in the market (which the idiots had by the balls at one stage) Microsoft rested on their laurels, got lazy, thought they were too big to fail, and LOST respect (if they ever had it to begin with) of their customers. In short, their bottom line took a huge slap in the face, and this, and this alone is the ONLY reason Microsoft are tryng to pull off this whole "we care, we want to listen, help us to help you" blah blah blah crap.

    In the meantime Microsoft's competitors were seriously busy being innovative, cutting edge and they have carved out their own niche market. Unlike Microsoft who over the years have simply purchased, no "acquired" company after company and then simply branded SOMEONE ELSE'S innovative ideas with their logo. This is LAZY and really goes to show how far Microsoft have fallen away.

    Now you would think maybe they've woken up, realized their are other options out there and people are turning to those options.

    But here's the kicker ...

    There are literally (put huge numbers here) of Windows XP and Windows 7 users out there. It doesn't take an executive genius to realize, hey maybe we got it right all those years ago? I mean why are all these people so insistent on sticking with Windows XP and Windows 7?
    Do you really believe Microsoft are so stupid to realize this? No, they know, they know full well, but as typical of a company with ulterior motives, this whole Windows 8 "experience" is about forcing their customer base in a new direction the company wishes to go in, whether you like it or not.
    This forcing has in large backfired in their faces. The numbers clearly show this. So as typical, they'll now try and subtlety sneak their agenda upon their users.

    Of coarse they'll use lines like "Now with the tiles, we were going to ditch this idea, but after numerous customer feed back, we feel we should keep them in Windows 10 blah blah blah" never mind the fact the absolute hammering these god ugly things copped from professional IT writers to forum complaints and ultimately the many millions who took one look at Windows 8 and said I'll stick with XP / W7 ...

    To me, I look at the Windows 8 - 9 - 10 whatever they call it desktop, in all its god awfulness and realize exactly what their up too. Yes of coarse the obvious push to have big square blocks of ADVERTISEMENT right in your face on the desktop (which thankfully has backfired - but their not letting it go so easily)
    Oh and I must mention, this may not be a problem for you reading this, yes you may say, hey idle its pretty easy to get rid of, but I'm talking about the millions upon millions of users out there who don't know, and accept it as just a part of the "modern UI" and how things are.
    Anyway back to my point - Why is Windows so ugly? Because if you don't like it being so ugly, we (Microsoft) have a wonderful place called App Store, and there you can find wonderful wonderful little apps to transform (the god ugly abomination WE created) into a work of art, tailored to just the way you like it.

    As a Windows user I was always proud of the fact I could jump online and grab ANYTHING I wanted. I use to laugh at Apple users locked into an OS that had so much control over what they did, and more importantly, what they HAD to use to get it done. I would often crow about all the money they wasted buying such'n'such programs (only to realize they were mostly crap) and they'd bin it for the next latest and greatest piece of crap which they'd pay for, and around and around it goes. Whereas the Windows user could simply jump online and find literally hundreds of options (legal or otherwise) to get the job done.

    Good for us, the end user, BAD for greedy CEO's who would sell their own mothers gold teeth to keep shareholders happy. Every year Apple's profit margins go up and up and up. We all know the cult of Apple has its followers well and truly brainwashed (did you see them for an iPhone 6?) unbelievable ...

    As typical Microsoft are NOT being innovative or cutting edge (yet again) and are simply COPYING another companies business model trying to force their customer base into something they don't want (so far the Windows community is currently resisting) to a certain degree.

    Buy a laptop today or a prebuilt PC and find you are LOCKED into Windows 8 - the manufacturers have pulled driver support for Windows 7 drivers. Why so? Why force people into Windows 8? Or more to the point, why force customers AWAY from Windows 7? Because Windows 7 is so far removed from where Microsoft want their customer base to be.

    Does the Windows community really want to be in the same god awful boat as Apple users? Apple PC, Apple laptop, Apple phone, Apple pad, Apple store, Apple, Apple, Apple ...

    Its blatantly obvious what Microsoft are up too, and all their press conferences, media bullshit, spin and outright lies are not tricking me in the slightest. I'm a Windows user, I'm a little smarter than that, I'm not brainwashed into the advertising cult of Apple, and Microsoft (if they had an ounce of sense) should be banking on this fact and making an OS that allows such freedom and ease of use, customizablility, that it exposes Apple for what it really is, takes PRIDE in the fact that it is NOT, and uses the very thing that its had ALL along - ITS NOT BLOODY APPLE!

    Who the bloody hell is running Microsoft? Give me the position for 12 months and I'll turn a profit that would make any greedy pig shareholder squeal with glee. I can't believe its staring them right in the face, and instead of banking on what they already have, they continually stick to their lazy, uninnovative, either acquire or copy someone else's business model.

    I could go on, oh boy could I go on - but I've ranted long enough if you've made it this far, sry, I get a little carried away when they destroy my Windows, and my pride I'm not an Apple Zombie, and the dark reality I'll soon be left with little choice and become the worst thing I can possibly imagine ...

    An Apple Zombie by stealth.

    Are you listening Android/Google?
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