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    Ktip Alienware Invader White/Light Theme


    As you can see and Virtual Customs is full a very great artist and designer.
    If you look at the Windows 7 Theme Category of the forum you will see that more than 90% of themes are black and/or dark.
    I've only found one or two light theme and 0 white theme.

    So my request is to make a very great white/light theme.

    I will give you the exemple of the Alienware Invader Theme (unfortunatly unfoundable):

    A lot of thanks
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    Now i finally saw a source theme, i import one theme for mine 8.1 OS for personal use only here: , but again one user make similiar theme to this one already somewhere on web mate, good luck finding it!
    If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!
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