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    Windows 10 Black Edition For Win 10 10240 Only

    Windows 10 Black Edition For Win 10 10240 Only

    RGB Color Colection


    Update September 19th 2015:
    Fixed a bug with the context menu that could make it supper stretched out, added a bit of polish to the start menu plus an additional 2 styles to choose from, Windows Black Edition Glass and Windows Black Edition v3.

    The Glass version is meant to be used with Black Glass Enhanced to avoid the color shift with the default style, v3 is pretty much the same as v2 with a slight change to the start menu, All Programs is now transparent instead of black (New Feature! only with latest version of SiB).
    Update September 4th 2015:
    Big update!!, more bug fixes and improvements plus an additional 7 Dark mix styles to choose from.

    The new Mix Styles mix light and dark to give you a great balance for work and play, now you won't have to worry about office, browsers and programs using the wrong colors.

    You will need to use OldNewExplorer (highly recommended), SiB and Aero Glass are supported but the theme looks great without them.

    Tools you may need:

    Updated: ONE version 1.1.7(OldNewExplorer)

    - Fixed crashes

    Previous version sucked, this one should be better
    For best results use these settings.

    Use this method file as an alternative to remove the extra folders.

    SiB (StartIsBack)
    SiB++ Windows 10 v1.0.3

    For Windows 10 Technical Preview (

    StartIsBack ++1.2
    • New: partial taskbar skinning! Windows 7 skin enhanced with taskbar skin
    • Improved start menu display performance
    • Critical fix: StartIsBack causing windows animations chopiness
    • Critical fix: Some items are not opening propertly from start menu search results
    • Minor changes:
    • Adjusted French language metrics
    • Fix start button orb going below start menu
    • You can create "StartPane_MinHeight" DWORD in registry to tweak minimal start menu height

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.4.5 - change log
    This version is for Win8.1 6.3.9600 and for Win10 up to 10.0.10586.

    My Custom Aero Glass Installer (Not Official)

    Use this Reg file to make sure active and inactive window colors are set correctly.
    DWM Black Color.reg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass (Use with caution and also install Uxstyle as a backup)
    Theme Signature Bypass.exe

    Use this reg file to get a Personalization Sub Menu to change themes and colors with ease.

    Classic Appearance Settings for Desktop Cascade-Right Click.reg

    Winaero Tweaker - universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

    WinAero Tweaker v3.0.2

    Quote Originally Posted by dhjohns View Post


    I have uploaded Four (4) installation files which do everything automatically without the user needing to change permissions, edit the registry, or copy files on his own. The choices are 1) Paint it Black: Install Black Themes with Aeroglass; 2) Paint it Black No Aeroglass: Install Black Themes without Aeroglass; 3) Paint it Black and Clean: Install Black Themes with Aeroglass AND clean up Windows Explorer; and 4) Paint it Black and Clean no Aeroglass: Install Black Themes without Aeroglass AND clean up Windows Explorer.

    All FOUR files can be downloaded from here individually:!hcpX1Sgb!N0dyxzUhI3Bjgst-FrQoXw

    I take no responsibility for anyone who bricks their system, Use these mods at your own risk!!
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