Quick question, might be nothing. Currently i am running a project of my own to "re-code" images via PHP.

For the coders out there, we probably already know how to send/receive messeages that is hidden inside a picture (within the image/picture code).

My question is, do you think this is possible to do via PHP? To hide and insert/extract messages/code to/from a picture?

Why i am asking is because i am trying to "invent" if you will, a new way of security to the "World Wide Web". The rules and laws are a little bit "sucky" to the point of images and pictures at the internet, however if a server gets raided at some point, because someone thinks you use "illegal coding", they can't harm you because all your coding is inside the picture. The idea is simply to make a stronger and effective security, that is about it really...

Any ideas?