Yoyo, been a while since i've been on here. I think the title of this thread says it all?

I noticed some of your guys in here are pretty good in the designing world in relation to websites "HTML, CSS3, jQuery, etc..."

I am able to do this also, however my best work is with the real coding "PHP, background stuff..."

SO! I was thinking if anybody in here would have the time/consideration of joining up a team with me? Helping me out with my customers etc?

Your job as a designer is simple, you make simple HTML, JS/jQuery, CSS3, so forth, website design templates for me to code/build for the customer.

I dont get a lot of customers due to me still studying, but when i do i do need help sometimes, mostly because of time i need to finish a design when someone else in here probably are WAY faster to make a design than me hehe ...

Anyhow, if you are interested, which i really hope you are, then i do have mail/facebook/twitter/skype/w.e...

PM me or comment in this thread if so

PS: My customers rating are like 1-5 a year or so, and we are talking basic website templates most of the time BUT! Responsive! This part is very important!...

I am able to code with something called BootStrap... but like i said, simply need the time for it, for which i do not have if i need to code the website also...
Hoping some one in here are interested!
And yes! You will get your mark on the website also! Meaning i will share all credit to individuals who are helping me!

Hoping you are in!
If/When we are teaming up, we will need to talk/over chat or something, for me being able to give you instructions on how our partnership is going to be... like how we work together, how i deliever my information about website design to you regarding customer designs etc...

Hoping someone will answer this thread!


Hoping it is ok to ask this on VC... if not, remove!