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Thread: Klingon Windows 10 Theme for TH2 AKA 1511 AKA 10586 Only!!!! Share

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    Klingon Windows 10 Theme for TH2 AKA 1511 AKA 10586 Only!!!!

    Klingon Windows 10 Theme for TH2 AKA 1511 AKA 10586 Only!!!!

    Credits go to Razorsedge for the original Windows 7 theme
    Extras included with the theme: Matching RocketDock skin and Icons

    Tools needed to make theme look like the screenshot(s) above:

    - UltraUXThemePatcher or UXStyle or UxThemeSignatureBypass
    - OldNewExplorer 1.1.7 or better
    - StartIsBack++ 1.2 or better
    - AeroGlass 1.4 or better

    Download file includes files for both UxStyler ( the normal copying of files to your C:\Windows\Themes\Resources folder if you are using a patcher like UxStyler)
    The UxThemeSignatureBypass or Grim's method of installing which can be found here: A copy of Grims UxThemeSignatureBypass install instructions are also included with the file.

    The original taskbar did not port properly to Windows 10. The taskbar had to be reworked but kept as close a possible to the original
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