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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update available August 2

    Microsoft announced today that the much awaited Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be available on August 2. The Anniversary Update will introduce a massive set of new features and improvements to Windows 10. This includes among many other things Linux Bash support, extensions for Microsoft Edge, Windows Ink for better ink support, Cortana updates and improvements, and more. Apart from that, it will feature changes that improve the usability and day to day activities when using the operating system. Some have said that the Anniversary Update turns Windows 10 into the operating system that it should have been from the start. Up until now, Microsoft revealed only that it would release the Anniversary Update in Summer 2016. The company did not go into details up until now, but most assumed that the update would be released around the one-year mark of release of Windows 10. Turns out, this is indeed the case. A Microsoft Press news post revealed that Microsoft will make the Windows 10 Anniversary Update available on August 2. The announcement was only available as a headline briefly on Microsoft's News Center website, but seems to have been pulled by Microsoft again. The article it linked to never went live, and it appears that Microsoft pulled the headline in the meantime as well. When you try to open the linked article you get an "oops! that page can't be found" error message, and the list of news does not list the headline either anymore. Still, the date would make sense considering that the one-year Anniversary of Windows 10 is on July 29. While there is still a possibility that Microsoft will adjust the date in the coming month or so, it seems unlikely that this is going to happen. July 29 is also the date where the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 expires. Microsoft announced previously that it won't be extended, and that users have only until July 29, 2016 to take Microsoft up on the offer. (via Caschy)

    By Martin Brinkmann (Ghacks Technology News)
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    Well, I guess they never ended up extending the free upgrade offer. Windows 7 and 8.1 users will be happy not to have the infamous GWX app when it finally gets removed by Windows Update. Good to know the exact RS1 release date, thanks.
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