Hello Mr. Grim and everyone in this community, my name is Christian and I would like to make you all a request (for free in first sight), is just only a matter of theme retouching of one of Mr. Grim's themes, him Windows 10 Black Edition For Win 10 TH2 pack theme (concretely Windows Black Edition v2.theme only that), but first I need to tell you all my problem:

I discovered this website around the Windows 7 epoch and I always used the dark themes Mr. Grim's released, months ago I migrated to Windows 10 TH2 and all my nightmares started with that OS, why?, because the damn borderless windows of Windows 10 (the fixed 1px visible border plus 8px invisible resize handle)

I always used him Windows Black Edition v2 theme in Windows 10 TH2, but the theme doesn't have visible window borders so I came into a big frustration trying to find the way to add visible window borders to your theme using WSB, as you can see in this post:
- http://superuser.com/questions/10987...-of-windows-10
(please see the accepted answer there before continue)

I was trying to find a solution for much, much monts.

Now after I asked that question in that programming website I think that I have some things a little bit more clear, seems is not a matter of try to add borders to Windows Black Edition v2.msstyles file, seems more a matter of translating that theme based on aero.msstyles to the aerolite.msstyles because seems the one that has visible window borders (I mean, a window border of true visible size)

Then, I would like to ask Mr. Grim if you could translate the borderless theme Windows Black Edition v2.msstyles to aerolite.msstyles to be able have your amazing dark theme with window borders (for "borders" I mean just that, you know, a border, like your most recent themes with window borders for Windows 10 TH2, however I'm not asking you to design a 3d border, I will be very satisfied just with a flat/solid color dark border)

I tried to do it by myself, however, I'm running into many troubles trying to import/export values in WSB.because aero.msstyles and aerolite.msstyles seems different, different offsets so WSB can't import, it does just nothing, and if I try toimport all the values from the 'Windows Black Edition v2.msstyles' (with or without importing the image resources) to a new theme from scratch based on aerolite.msstyles then the theme just breaks...

Please, could you try think to satisfy this request?, I could pay for the work that I'm asking to you, a little compensation via Paypal (we could negotiate it, but I cannot pay excesive amount).

Anyways to be honest I think you should consider this as a new theme release, for all those VirtualCustoms users and Mr. Grim's followers like I am, for all those who would like to have a flat dark theme, with visible window borders, for Windows 10 TH2. Currently you are the only theme designer who released a flat, dark theme for Windows 10 TH2 that looks fine (there is another dark flat theme on the forums for Windows 10 TH2 from a designer that I don't remember, however that theme has A LOT of darkness, trying to navigate through explorer damage the human eyes), the only annonying thing of the Windows Black Edition v2 theme is the absence of window borders. Please, consider it, for free or for paid, as you wish, please.

Sorry for my bad English.

PS: We could talk via GoogleHangouts if you preffer to, contact me via MP if you preffer.

Thanks for read, master!