Alright so my first post here! I've never really posted here before obviously, but I have used this site before to lurk and learn about theme making. I know my way around WSB to an extent by following a pdf guide I downloaded years ago by a user named Dave Senior from here. That being said, I came back to windows 7 a little while ago cause 10 is shit and 8/8.1 are equally so (if it wasn't for proprietary software I would just go full linux), and I no longer have the themes I used years ago, so right now i'm mostly rocking the stock aero theme. I recently dug out and dusted off my flash drive with all my ricing programs and various tools to start making a theme from scratch again, but as i stated earlier i have previous knowledge with this, my issue is remembering how everything works, and so here I am yet again to learn all about ricing again.

What I want to know is how do i change the start menu panel? Simple googling shows me many themes that achieve this effect, but none really go into HOW, or they lead to sites that no longer exist, and so here I am at VC which seems to be the last thing that is left when it comes to seven customization! I'm glad to see you guys are still alive anyway.

Also not sure if I can post images I found on google as the source of said images appears to be dodgy blog sites, but if needed I can try to explain what I mean more.