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Thread: Windows 10 Token Light Icon Pack Share

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    Windows 10 Token Light Icon Pack

    Finally the first version of my new Token Light icon pack is ready!
    I am using 7tsp instead of iPack for a couple of reason
    One being that iPack was breaking some of the Control Panel apps
    another is 7tsp does more files than iPack
    and lastly it is faster!

    The Command bar icons and Quick Access icons should get changed with this pack.
    You may have to rebuild your icon cache before they change,also note that rebuilding
    the icon cache for Windows 10 is different than it was in Windows 7

    The pack includes a dark clock for Time\Date

    and a dark Windows Media Player too!

    OneDrive has to be changed manually,also if the green check marks
    annoy you like they annoy me you can turn them off when OneDrive is
    not in use by right clicking one the tray icon and pausing sycing.
    If you don't want to change the OneDrive icon you can also remove
    it from the Navigation Pane
    .You will still have access to it from the
    tray or the Start Menu.

    Start is Back also needs to be changed manually if you use it
    and want the Control Panel icon to match the rest

    Windows Defender's icon can not be changed easily or safely
    so the best option is to hide it in the Control Panel.You can still access
    it from the Tray or Start Menu if you need to.

    If I missed any icons let me know and I will see about adding them.
    I could only do the icons I have in my Control Panel so you guys
    may have some different ones

    The original Token Icons are made by Brsev
    The others were ran through his layer style by me

    The download includes the 7tsp pack
    plus the new modified filed for those items that need to be
    changed manually

    The 7tsp pack should work fine on Windows 7 and 8 also
    I see no reason why it would not.
    If some can test it and confirm it that would be great

    Lastly,I would highly recommend creating a Restore Point
    using Windows before running 7tsp, as it appears the build in
    7tsp restore only works sometimes

    w10 token

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    ok so this completely disabled my metro apps. and i'm on a Microsoft account that is activated with a digital license linked to my account. not a good thing .. especially since i had to change my Microsoft password recently and now i need my metro apps back to make sure my PC doesn't lose it' activation.... anyone know how to restore my metro apps? because uninstalling this didn't do it.

    I need to get this fixed fast because I'm already three days into the password change.

    I'm getting a Class Not Registered eror with multiple metro apps. including the settings app and it all started when i installed this.

    Here is a list of apps in my apps folder [showing apps with issues as well].
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