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    Alert Question about SPug


    I'm having a rather annoying issue. I've noticed that a file called SPug keeps automatically downloading every time I go to DeviantArt. And I don't know what it is or how to stop it from automatically downloading. Does anyone know what it is and how to stop it from automatically downloading? [Also, on an unrelated topic, I've also noticed that lately even with AdGuard enabled and both BitDefender and MalwareBytes enabled, my browser kees redirecting me to random websites when I click on practically anything. In fact, just clicking the link to this area of the board redirected to three separate websites in a row and I had to right click my back button to get back to this one. If anyone can help me fix that as well, I would much appreciate it.]

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    hey i don't know if it's the same file but da just recently had this problem. there is a thread on here about it. i don't remember if that person got it addressed or not.

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