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    H2O Plasma Aurorae Theme

    H2O KDE Aurorae engine theme. Ported from Emerald theme by me.
    Shown in the preview is KDE Plasma 5.


    • I had to create .svg (scalable vector graphics) from the Emerald theme, I did this using Inkscape.
    • The titlebar text is huge, I don't know what to do about. I can't seem to change what font it uses.
    • I think I fixed most of the bugs. There is one pixel on the top of the top frame where there is blur where there shouldn't be, not sure what to do about it.
    • Couldn't really add any shadows true to the original theme.
    • If anyone knows how to fix these issues please let me know.
    • Put the theme in /home/USER/.local/share/aurorae/themes/ and choose it in System Settings > Window Decorations and click apply.
    • This theme works only on the KDE desktop environment.

    Credit for the original theme goes to Mr GRiM. Download his Windows 7 theme here:!!-H2O-Premium-Theme-Pack
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