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Thread: Fix for the missing min/max/close buttons on modern apps with AeroGlass in Windows 10 Share

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    Fix for the missing min/max/close buttons on modern apps with AeroGlass in Windows 10


    I've noticed posts of people having issues with the min/max/close buttons dissappearing in modern apps on Windows 10 RS2 Creators Update when using AeroGlass. I looked into this myself and have discovered a fix for this.

    The fix was actually found by someone else and posted on the MSFN forums but I tested it myself and it works flawlessly. Here is the link with instructions:
    You will need Windows SDK installed for this to work but it works flawlessly for me and also seems to be working for everyone else who has tried it as well.

    This will also fix the missing title bar issue on Modern Apps with Acrylic title bars such as Microsoft Edge, Store, Paint 3D, etc.
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