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    Sci-World: Reavers EditionFull Icon Pack

    Sci-World: Reavers edition Icon Pack, I spent eons it seems like on this pack only when to be done Most Wasted released his totally awesome Tech icon pack that just blew me away. So I looked at his awesome pack and loved so much of it that I replaced many of the icons in my own pack with his. Then started tweaking so many of my own icons over and over again till I finally got to the finished version of this pack.

    So much credit goes to Most Wasted for his totally amazing Tech pack that can be found here of which many of the icons were included in this pack. Awesome job bud, enjoy the pack everyone

    This is what is in the entire imageres.dll

    Video, Audio and Image icons

    7zip and Winrar themes 15 of each to choose from

    7zip requires 7zip theme manager to apply icons you can get that here:


    Apps Icons.7z

    Sciworld Icon Pack.7z

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    The full Sci-World: Reavers Edition Linux icon pack with the symlinks still intact can be found here (you can choose what pack you want to download or the whole collection can be downloaded):

    Quote Originally Posted by 2635599 View Post
    guys can i get an opinion please. i edited the icons using the registry. if you guys think they look good i'll finish editing the rest. the one on universal l will be used for it aqnd universal ll. c will stay the way it is and the rest will be the one i have on downloads - torrents.

    Attachment 78716
    Looks good to me, I like those cube icons
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    yeah thank-you for all of your hard work this is a true icon pack for windows 10 best one i have used in along ass time
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