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    Buying First Gaming PC


    I'm looking for the best gaming pc $1500 and under. Yes, I've seen stuff about building my own but there is absolutely no way I could do it and also through even trying to build my own online starts becoming way more expensive than the sale prices of premade ones with the same specs. There is also nowhere local to build it for me. So I am set on this. How do I choose? Is there a site like does for tv's? Looking for a pc to use my 55" 4K as the monitor. Are iBuyPower or CyberPowerPC's decent company/computer? I'm finding the best prices for these brands so I can either get a more expensive name brand one (MSI/Asus) with lesser specs or one of the former above listed brands with better specs. I'm definitely wanting GTX 1080 and i7.

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    to save some i'd go with amd, but note if you go with amd and use win 10 avoid msi. a couple of us on here have had issues with msi systems having problems. as for your price point you should be able to get a pretty good tower for gaming.

    since you are intereded in those specs i found this. i've order from microcenter and never a complaint here.
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