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    HUD Theme Full System iPacks

    HUD Theme Full System iPacks
    Credit goes to Mr GRiM for creating the icons designed to go with his premium HUD themes.
    These are full system customization iPacks that modify the majority of icons and images to be found in Windows 7.
    Duplicate rips of the original 7tsp custom icon packs featuring well-modded iPack UI by me, and the ease of install of iPack.
    As a bonus, there are Get help Control Panel custom icons in the right corner, created and updated by Mr GRiM, imported by me.

    Download includes HUD, HUD Apocalypse, HUD Evolution and HUD Launch custom icon packs, and icons in .ico format.

    HUD iPacks for Windows 7

    Credit for all icon design goes to Mr GRiM. Originally created for his premium HUD themes.

    1. Always make a restore point before installing any custom icon packs. Install these iPacks with the default Windows icons.

    2. By installing these iPacks, you accept full responsibility for any damage including loss of data that may occur to your PC as a result.

    3. If installation of any of these iPacks fails, try temporarily disabling antivirus software installed on your PC.

    4. Uninstalling these iPacks is accomplished by selecting their entry in the Control Panel's Programs and Features section, or by running Command Prompt as administrator and entering sfc/scannow.

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