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    Hey all, I wanted to let you know I'm planning on not coming online for some time. Allow me to explain why. Well for one, I spent a huge investment of time and effort making my customization imports to the point where they're extremely comfortable to use (if I do say so myself). And I don't often notice anything I would change to improve them while they're in use. This wasn't always the case, I constantly found ways to improve projects I had uploaded. Some of the ideas on how to improve things came from other people, and sometimes the ideas came from using whatever it was and finding how to make things better myself. A lot of grinding and using image editors as tools was what developing my uploaded projects up to this point was all about.

    I want to feel as engaged with something else in my life as I felt with these themes. Not only that but I need to further develop my identity and reconnect with other things I enjoy to do with my time. Not many people may know this about me but I like guitars, have a nice guitar, nice pedals and I just ordered a new 1W blackstar amp. The point is, desktop customization is time consuming but the effort can make it worthwhile. Now that I'm happy with all my projects I uploaded, I want to do something else.

    Another thing people may not know about me is that I have been a regular member of 3+ forum communities including this one over 8 or so years. One a forum utilized for buying/selling/trading guitar equipment and pedals, the other for music. This community is definitely the one I've put the most work into, and am the most proud of. Grim sacrifices a lot keeping the site online, not to mention his and Razorsedge's themes. I also want to say I would have never bothered with getting into DA or MT, nothing against those sites but they're not very interesting to me personally.

    I hope you respect my decision on finding something new, and that it's not necessarily coinciding with the community itself.
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    I'm really grateful for all your hard work and all the time you've spent here at VC.
    No doubt about you will be missed very soon.

    I fully respect your decision. Take care [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Hope you'll be back sooner than ever
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    Hey bud

    Totally understand and respect your decision with this. I myself have stepped back to do other things also, so I can totally understand. I knew way back when I first saw you on this site you would be a huge benefit to VC with your liking of Linux and Windows systems.

    I have watched as you have done massive amounts of work for the site in all areas and how you're respected here by all members and sys ops of the site. Not to mention being a fellow Canadian of course . We all have different likes and hobbies and at times need to step away to put more time into one or the other.

    Best wishes to you in your world of Guitars as a rocker and Drummer myself that is something I can totally relate to. Hope you will find time to come back on the forums here and there and maybe find your way back again for more customization in the future. When it comes to computer customization it can get over whelming at times, we step away but somehow always find our way back

    Hope to see ya around and back from time to time in the future cause you never know what it holds
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